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Comprehensive Skin Checks by Expert General Practitioners

At Berkeley Medical Centre your health is our priority. We do provide Skin Check & Skin Cosmetics Services to take care of your skin health. Our experienced general practitioners offer specialized skin checks to ensure your skin's well-being and detect potential issues early.

Why Skin Checks Matter:

Early Detection of Skin Conditions

Regular skin checks play a vital role in detecting skin conditions early, including skin cancer. Our doctors are trained to identify suspicious moles, growths, and other abnormalities, helping to initiate timely treatment if needed.

Personalized Skin Care Advice

Our GPs provide personalized advice on maintaining healthy skin. From proper skincare routines to sun protection, we guide you on practices that promote skin health and prevent potential issues.

Thorough Skin Examinations

During a skin check, our doctors perform thorough examinations of your skin, from head to toe. We assess moles, freckles, birthmarks, and any other skin features, ensuring your skin's overall health.

Skin Cancer Prevention Strategies

Skin cancer is highly preventable with the right strategies. Our doctors educate you about sun safety, UV protection, and other measures to reduce your risk of skin cancer and maintain healthy skin.

Peace of Mind

Regular skin checks provide peace of mind. Our experienced doctors offer professional evaluations and, if necessary, guide you through any further steps, ensuring you have a clear understanding of your skin's condition.

Your Skin Health Matters

Whether you’re concerned about a specific spot or seeking routine skin care, our specialized skin checks are tailored to your needs. Prioritizing your skin health is a step towards a healthier you.

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