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Comprehensive Children's Health Care by Expert General Practitioners

Berkeley Medical Centre is your partner in providing comprehensive children's health care. Our experienced general practitioners are dedicated to ensuring your child's well-being from infancy to adolescence.

Our Children's Health Services Include:

Pediatric Checkups and Immunizations

Regular checkups and vaccinations are essential for your child's health. Our doctors perform thorough assessments, monitor growth, and ensure your child is up-to-date with recommended immunizations, protecting them from preventable diseases.

Child Nutrition and Growth

Proper nutrition is crucial for healthy growth and development. Our doctors provide guidance on age-appropriate diets, feeding schedules, and addressing any nutritional concerns to ensure your child's optimal growth.

Developmental Milestones and Early Intervention

Monitoring developmental milestones is key to early intervention. Our doctors assess your child's developmental progress, offer guidance, and address any concerns to promote healthy cognitive and physical development.

Injury Prevention and Safety

Child safety is a top priority. Our doctors provide guidance on preventing common childhood injuries and accidents. We equip parents with the knowledge needed to create a safe environment for their children.

Pediatric Urgent Care

Children can fall ill unexpectedly. Our doctors are here to provide urgent care for common childhood illnesses, infections, and injuries. We aim to ease your child's discomfort and provide timely treatment.

Vaccination Education for Parents

We believe in informed choices. Our doctors educate parents about the importance of vaccinations, their benefits, and any concerns you may have. We work together to ensure your child receives the recommended immunizations.

At Berkely Medical Centre, we understand the importance of nurturing healthy children. Our dedicated medical team is committed to providing compassionate and evidence-based care that supports your child’s growth and well-being. Contact us today to schedule your child’s health checkup.


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